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Kathy, Bexhill

I joined Sarah's exercise class which was especially for people with mobility problems. At that time I had extremely limited mobility and lots of pain in both my hips. In Sarah's classes I learnt to strengthen my core and keep mobile.

I started 1:1 Personal training sessions with Sarah in ......... 2012 and in March 2012, I had my right hip replaced. I was up on crutches the day after the operation and home two days later.

I was able to get around very quickly. Much of this was due to the strength gained from the exercises I had learnt. Sarah came with me to my first hospital physio appointment and then worked with me so I could get get fully mobile again.

My progress was amazing, so much so that I was ready to have my other hip replaced in August 2012. Again Sarah worked with me throughout and ensured that I was strengthening both hips/legs evenly and working my whole body.

Although I was out of pain and fully mobile, I continued to see Sarah for a further ..... months. She was very supportive and worked with me to develop further exercise regimes that I am now able to continue on my own.

Mrs J P, St Leonards

'I found Sarah just when I was beginning to give up and resign myself to a flabby and out- of- condition middle age! She always makes the workouts interesting and the time flies by. At 62-and-3/4 I'm much fitter, toned and have more energy than I ever thought possible. Thanks, Sarah. We make a great team.'

Sue T, 55, Beckley

Sarah has been training me for a year now - advising me on diet and exercise, designing my one to one sessions, providing support and keeping me on track. I have lost a noticeable amount of weight and inches, have more stamina and feel so much fitter and stronger. Sarah's friendly and expert approach motivates and encourages me and has helped me to set realistic goals which I have been proud to achieve. Thank you Sarah!

Sue, 52

Having a personal trainer was the best thing I could do for my fitness and health. Whilst working with Sarah I have improved my posture and my eating habits! Sarah gave me so much help and encouragement to identify where I was going wrong and showed me how to make changes in my life to correct the bad habits I was in. I am 52 years old, but working with Lush Fitness showed me it is never too late to start exercising and making improvements in your life, so why not try? I am so glad that I did, and I will not hesitate to return if I start to lapse.

Feedback from a Retirement Presentation to the NHS staff of Eastbourne and Hastings

  • The whole session was very interesting, lots of ideas for now and later
  • Excellent X2. Sensitive and sensible. Lots of thoughts to carry forward
  • Explained the importance of exercising and healthy diets without making us feel old. Very enjoyable
  • Useful. Great fun. Sarah had a nice way with her
  • Sound advice. Very useful
  • Well balanced approach, not patronising - well done!
  • Well done - gave encouragement to plan exercise now and in the future
  • Very positive information. Very motivating
  • Very pleasant speaker. Good advice to consider
  • Motivational!
  • Interesting and well presented.

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excercising as a family

Sue Burton

I was a fairly active person, not super strenuous stuff but some exercise most days,cycling, walking to shops and a few classes at the gym during a week. When, suddenly, almost out of nowhere (I had suffered with back pains occasionally over the years) I was suddenly struck with such acute pain that I couldn't walk at times. I was totally shocked. It shouldn't have happened to me. Everything seemed to be affected. I couldn't walk briskly, walk on rough ground at any speed, cycle up a hill, carry even a light weight bag, put on my socks quickly.The list was endless. Worse of all, I couldn't join in my social activities because most of them involved some activity e.g a cycle ride with friends. One of the worse days was when I hoovered for literally 5 minutes then drove for another 10 minutes. After that, I could barely walk and had to have a stair lift to get upstairs for an appointment. I had to do something! I persuaded my GP to arrange for some tests and a scan. The scan identified the problem. For treatment, I was given physio but I soon realised that my goals were higher than just moving around doing the basics. I wanted to get back to as near as I possibly could, to where I was before. I knew I needed professional help to me get there. I asked around my friends to see who had been helped for what issues. I decided on a combination of one to one pilates (Lush fitness) and deep tissue massage.

How has this all gone? The massage is not exactly a comfortable experience but has to be done ! I was given stretches, at the beginning of my treatment, which had to be done 3 times a day. I did them everywhere, where ever I was, carpet or no carpet, I did them. (One kind friend even did them with me when we were staying in a hotel room in Hastings). Then, there was the Pilates. There, I got emotional support to keep going, and a course of exercises to build up the necessary muscles that my back needed to hold itself in position and not slip into one that caused me pain. These exercises were done in conjunction with the stretches so it seemed quite a long list doing something I didn't enjoy much. Sarah was there at the end of a text if I was down about my situation which I certainly was, at the early and middle stages. Her detailed notes gave us both evidence that I was, in fact, making small steps forward. Slowly but surely progress was made, painful attacks came less often and I was gradually able to get back to my usual activities- cycling up hills, carrying a small rucksack, running up the stairs, a 6 mile walk in the country and doing classes at the gym. I still have some progress to make - I want to be able walk further, carry greater weight, do a zumba class (bounce around abit) and lastly feel confident that my back is strong enough to do what I want it to do.

It will take time and I may come to a point where I have to accept that no further progress can be made but I'm not there yet.

PS By the way, in case you are wondering-; I am 62 years young and all the above happened over a period of about 10 months.

If you are told during the course of your treatment that exercises and stretches might help, I urge you to give it a try, not just one go but a good try to see if it helps. They can easily be boring and repetitive. It might make the difference between you putting on your socks yourself or having to ask somebody else. Or you walking up hill and seeing a beautiful view and not going at all. Once you have started your programme and you see a bit of progress, keep going, the outcome might surprise you.